#Miller Strong Sticker - 4"x3" decal. All proceeds from the sale of this sticker goes to help the Miller family.


Battalion Chief Dan Miller called Lake County Firefighters and Lake EMS crews to his home on September 12, 2019.  While crews were assessing him, he went into cardiac arrest. Crews were able to resuscitate him on the way to the hospital, however, he his heart stopped several more times at the hospital. 

Dan has stabilized and his heart beating on it's own, but is still on life supporting equipment. We are praying for Dan's recovery and he has a long road ahead of him.

His family has been by his side every minute.

With Dan and his wife being away from work, the family will be facing financial needs and serious medical bills.

The Lake County Firefighter Charity, the Professional Firefighters of Lake County Local 3990, and others have been providing meals to the family in the hospital and taking care of small issues as they arise.

Donations are being accepted to help the family. 100% of donations go to help the family.

Miller Strong Sticker (Fund Raiser for Miller Family)


    Lake Firefighter Charity, Inc. 2019